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Where did that week go!? How is it that I didn't really post at all? Ah well, here are some to tide you over. All were submitted from ALittleQuacky via email:

How to follow directions
Knitter: after looking at sign It says "Come sit and Knit?" Does that mean we can sit and knit?

The biggest problem a knitter faces is getting into the LYS
Knitter: noticing yarn store Look! A yarn store!
husband/friends dragging knitter away: No it isn't!

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Two to make up for an upgrade!

Knit Socks vs. Macy's Socks
Yarnsumer: Do you have any DPNs smaller than size 5?
LYSO: Maybe. ~digs in drawer~ I have 1 1/2's, will that do?
Yarnsumer: I guess.
Propreitor: What are you knitting, socks?
LYSO: Yes, as a matter of fact.
Other Customer: You know you can get those at Macy's.
LYSO: ~nods knowingly~
Yarnsumer drops her jaw in shock.

~submitted by A. Nonny Mouse

So, sorry for not posting yesterday. I upgraded my operating system (I have a Mac) from Mac 10.3.9 to 10.5. This is obviously a huge jump, and I just got so excited and into testing out all the fun features last night that I plain forgot to post. But here's another overhearing to make up for it!

Let's admit we've all been here and move on....
Yarnsumer: Before you close I need to buy some needles
LYSO: Oh! You're here as an actual customer!

~submitted by ALittleQuacky

The Ravelry Group is actually quite active and there's a lot of really cool overhearings there that I've been posting here. If you hear something in a yarn shop or hear something fiber related somewhere else, you can post to the Ravelry site, or send an email to overhearinayarnshop(at)gmail(dot)com.


Your Mom!

Knitter to KnitterFriend: It's like your mom in string form!

I'm sorry...I said this one tonight at Anthropologie's Wenlan Chia workshop. Hey, at least it's a new location right? I just thought it was too funny to not post.

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International tourist after walking around the store: "But what exactly do you sell?"

~ submitted via email by ALittleQuacky

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Sometimes you've got to wonder why no-knitters go to yarn shops

Non-Knitter to LYS Owner: What do you mean I have to knit it myself? Why can't I buy that one right there instead? It's all made and everything.

Alright folks, I'm really running out of good stuff here. I'm sure you've heard something amusing recently while you were at a yarn shop or even while you were out somewhere else maybe someone said something about knitting you weren't expecting. All you've got to do is jot it on down and email it over to overheardinayarnshop(at)gmail(dot)com or visit our Ravelry Group!


The joy of customization

Customer (of dubious knitting ability looking at a pink scarf): This is cute, but I hate pink. What's it look like in blue?

~ Submitted via Ravelry by TheIrishEwe

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Of course, we always hide our best yarns...

Knittah - standing in front of a wall of 60-70 colors of Cascade 220 - Do you have any Cascade 220? It's the ONLY yarn I ever knit with and I've looked all over and as I can spot any of their colors from a mile away, I know you must have it hidden somewhere!

~ Submitted by TheIrishEwe via Ravelry

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Too much?

Yarnsumer: "Is this too blue?"
Knitter: I think it's really pretty."
Yarnsumer: "But is it too blue?"
Knitter: "I don't know. Do you like blue?"
Yarnsumer: "It's for my (aunt/friend/sister) and she like blue but I don't know if this is too blue."
Knitter: "Well, you most likely know them better that I do, and color is really a personal choice. If you like it, I think it's the right blue."
Yarnsumer: ....pause.... "Ok, I guess.....but is it too blue???"
~submitted by kntimetogether via Ravelry

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Well, we all know what assuming does...

Coworker 1: If I like, gave her ten bucks do you think she could crochet me a blanket?
Coworker 2: Sure, string is cheap.
Coworker 3: And then you could tell everyone you made it, or like, sell it for a bunch of money as a family heirloom on eBay!
Coworker 1: Ohmahgosh you're right! If it's handmade noone can prove I didn't make it or that it's not a bazillion years old!

~ Submitted by Craftyjester via Ravelry

It should be mentioned that the "crocheter" referred to was actually a knitter. Can I say it? Can I say it!!??? KNITTAH PLEASE!!!

Well...I'm taking a day off tomorrow because I'll be in beautiful Ancram, NY prepping for the festival of the year! It's RHINEBECK TIME! And you know what Rhinebeck is right? A giant outdoors yarn shop!! Sharpen your pencils and bring a pad! I'll be adding my own gems to the ones that folks from Ravelry have been submitting next week!

If you're so inclined, I'm partaking in a bit of blogger bingo, so if you either have me on your square or just want to say "yo" feel free! There are many photos of me on my knitting blog, PassionKNITly! Have a great weekend!!


These comments don't even make logical sense!

Knitter is on a break from their job knitting.
Coworker #1: I wish I could crochet like her but I just can't sit there and do nothing.
Coworker #2: I know, it's like, so repetitive and totally dumb!
(Yes, she really was knitting.)

You think stuff like this sounds frustrating right? I think stuff like this sounds like more yarn for me come RHINEBECK! Also, I think a good response to this is to remind our numismatics that National Coin Licking week and National Coin Flipping week (the same week mind you!) are the last week of April.

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like, OMG!

Teen 1 to Teen 2 in line at the yarn store: I bought my new jeans for $40.00. I didn't know they even sold jeans for only $40.00!"

Submitted via Ravelry by JamieKnits in CA.

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It's All a Matter of Knowing Your Limits

Knitter (while making an intricate lace shawl on size 2 needles): I could never knit socks- they're so complicated!

Submitted via Ravelry by Firefairy

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A Man takes a photo with a flash from outside the yarn shop.
He yells into the shop via the open door:
"French newspaper!"

Victim Knitter: Yarn perverts!!!

That's all she wrote. I honestly don't have any more quotes for you. I need your help to keep the site running! I know some of you have heard some amusing things from knitting shops! The Point isn't the only place around that's got some crazy stuff going on!

I keep a notebook around with me all the time (it's tiny and fits in my purse) and I write down this kind of stuff to post later. I'm a pretty lazy person, and I've managed to come up with all this fodder, so I know some of you out there can do it!

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The Mark of a Knitting Sensei

I trust you, you've got a knitting tattoo.

~The Point NYC

Alright, this week at Stitchn' Bitch gave me just a few more overhearings, so if you've got anything, submit it to overheardinayarnshop(at)gmail(dot)com


Put Your Best Foot Forward

Lady stops and reads a sign on how to open the door aloud for two minutes. She then trips on her way through instead of stepping down - like it says on the sign, under the number two. She looks at the LYSO and says 'why didn't you put 'watch your step' first, any idiot can figure out how to open the door'"
- Submitted by Irish Ewe in Maine

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I hate it when I drop the ball!

Knitter 1 to Knitter 2: Hey! You're dropping your balls!

I think this is one of my favorites! It just so happens to be one of my last overhearings though. If you hear anything in a yarn shop, or even outside of a yarn shop that's knitting related, submit it to overheardinayarnshop(at)gmail(dot)com.

Seriously...I'm way hardup for material here and in order to keep the site going, I need submissions.


Winding down

The Worst Knitting Pickup Line Ever
Male muggle to lace knitter: So...you've done this before?
- Annie's in Manhattan

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I've been knitting this sweater so long...

I thought Knitting was gay when you started knitting this!
- The Point

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Where's Tink?

"Every night I think the yarn faeries come out and unknit everything I just knit!"

~ Submitted by A Little Quacky

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Frustration at its best

Oh! For the love of swatch!!
- from someone else at The Point!

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From NYC to the Windy City!!

"How did stitches get added just by taking it home?"
-Arcadia Knitting, Chicago
Submitted by Katy

Submissions are actually starting to roll in! It's also great to see the Ravelry Group pick up people and submissions. I'm really excited for this post to expand us out of the Tri-State area! Hopefully we'll be getting more submissions that aren't from The Point. Not that I don't like The Point, but there's only so much that can be said and quoted at one store.

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The Expert and New Ravelry Group!

The Expert
Shop goer: Can somebody recommend a color for this pattern?
Fashion Institute of Technology student: looking puzzled What's the pattern? And the gauge?
Shop Goer: Funny you should ask because I think there is something not right with the pattern. It's a little girls dress with this gorgeous smocking but it calls for size 14 needles.
FIT student: Oh, children's patterns rarely call for large needles.
Shop Goer: Actually, when you think of it, you are right, maybe it is European sizing, oh, well whatever, I just like the dress I'll make it anyway, what color do you think?
FIT Student: Whoa, what a minute, what needles does it call for? We have to figure out your gauge first and the size dress you want and...
Shop Goer: Please, I really only need help with the color, I can figure out the rest.
FIT Student: Well, it can get rather complicated with stitches per inch and adjusting for size and, well, you'd have to be a math genius to do all of that.
Shop Goer: I can't say that I'm a genius but I am a PhD in Applied Mathematics, does that count?
FIT student: gulping there are some lovely colors in a superwash over here.
- Submitted by Deborah

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My going rate is $2 an hour

My going rate is $2/hr
I am my own sweatshop

- the Point NYC

OK, seriously now, aren't you sick of reading all these quotes from the SAME place every day?! Don't you wish you could get a little different point of view? Don't you people hear anything!!??

If you do, submit it to overheardinayarnshop(at)gmail(dot)com!



Uhh...it looks red and fuzzy...
This wasn't really overheard, but seen, so it doesn't really fit the criteria, but I thought it was worth sharing

This weekend my local yarn store "Knit" in Charleston South Carolina had a big sale. It was mobbed with very excited knitters, from college-age girls to senior ladies, and one older gentleman. He was standing in the needle section of the store with a long list and an overwhelmed look on his face. I asked if somebody had put him to work, and he replied that his wife had sent him. She is ill, and had just recently taken up knitting, so he was helping her complete her needle collection. I saw him later, talking to her on a cell phone, and discussing what type of yarn he should pick up for her. It was very sweet, and gave me a warm-fuzzy feeling.

~Laura at Knit

Sorry I haven't been posting much. Late last week I ran out of things. It's hard to overhear things! Laura sent me this on Sunday and I was somewhat sick yesterday, so here's today's installment! Seriously, if you're out there lurking (I know there are lurkers because the ratio of submissions to hits counted are real slim, and no, I personally haven't clicked on the site over 300 times since I started it!

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Bring on the Submissions!!!

12 Step Program for Knitters
Step 1: Get a stop watch.

Step 2: Line up 12 unfinished projects. (You know you have that many.)

Step 3: Work on the first project in line for 12 hours. It doesn't have to be 12 hours in a row, but don't work on any other project until you have spent 12 hours with that one. When 12 hours is up, move it to the back of the line. When you finish one project, go find another unfinished project to put at the back of the line. (You know you still have more hiding somewhere.)

Step 4: Repeat Step 3.

Step 5: Repeat Step 3.

- Submitted by Katy, Annie's in NYC

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more, More, MORE!!

Look Ma! No swatch!
Knitter 1: Do I HAVE to do a gauge swatch?!?!?!
Knitter 2: No, you only have to do a gauge swatch if you want your sweater to fit.
- Upper West Side, NYC

Don't leave home without 'em
SNBer 1 (looking at pg 166 of the Fall 2007 Vogue Knitting): I see them at Rhinebeck a lot.
SNBer 2: What? Pants?!
- The Point, NYC

Just a random note, after I posted the "Turn Your Heartache Into Joy" last night, don'tcha know that that song was the one that was playing when my radio alarm clock went off this morning!!??

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Third Installment

No More Butterfly Kisses!
"If I ever reach for that type of yarn again, I want you to break my arm"

- talking about some eyelash yarn; Hillsdale, NJ

Turn Your Heartache Into Joy
If you can't be, with the yarn you love, love the yarn you're with.

- The Point NYC

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This site can only be as good as you make it!


And away we go!

Aww, I like your balls too!
Last night: "Ooooh! I really like your balls!"
- Submitted by Mary in NYC

Make it work
Lady 1: I don't have room in my suitcase for this.
Lady 2: Then you'll just have to knit it and then wear it on the plane.

- Stitches Midwest, '07

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So, you're familiar with Overheard in NY. Well, welcome to Overheard In A Yarn Shop!

Drop me an email with your random quote from a yarn shop (any yarn shop, anywhere) and I'll try to upload them daily. Bonus points if you submit the name of the yarn shop!*


Here, I'll start:

Until the nuclear fallout happens...

"I'd be the one to knit a sweater with 3 arms!"

@ The Point NYC

*Bonus points cannot actually be redeemed for anything.