Uhh...it looks red and fuzzy...
This wasn't really overheard, but seen, so it doesn't really fit the criteria, but I thought it was worth sharing

This weekend my local yarn store "Knit" in Charleston South Carolina had a big sale. It was mobbed with very excited knitters, from college-age girls to senior ladies, and one older gentleman. He was standing in the needle section of the store with a long list and an overwhelmed look on his face. I asked if somebody had put him to work, and he replied that his wife had sent him. She is ill, and had just recently taken up knitting, so he was helping her complete her needle collection. I saw him later, talking to her on a cell phone, and discussing what type of yarn he should pick up for her. It was very sweet, and gave me a warm-fuzzy feeling.

~Laura at Knit

Sorry I haven't been posting much. Late last week I ran out of things. It's hard to overhear things! Laura sent me this on Sunday and I was somewhat sick yesterday, so here's today's installment! Seriously, if you're out there lurking (I know there are lurkers because the ratio of submissions to hits counted are real slim, and no, I personally haven't clicked on the site over 300 times since I started it!

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mary hawkins said...

I've been there! My boyfriend and I went to Charleston the same weekend as Tropical Storm Barry. We were soaked through and through and the rain kept coming down so we were looking for some place to stop and regroup when Lo! I spied a yarn shop from a block and a half away. It's a great little shop, and even though we were dripping wet, everyone there made us feel welcome and comfortable. Even my boyfriend was petting yarn!