Well, we all know what assuming does...

Coworker 1: If I like, gave her ten bucks do you think she could crochet me a blanket?
Coworker 2: Sure, string is cheap.
Coworker 3: And then you could tell everyone you made it, or like, sell it for a bunch of money as a family heirloom on eBay!
Coworker 1: Ohmahgosh you're right! If it's handmade noone can prove I didn't make it or that it's not a bazillion years old!

~ Submitted by Craftyjester via Ravelry

It should be mentioned that the "crocheter" referred to was actually a knitter. Can I say it? Can I say it!!??? KNITTAH PLEASE!!!

Well...I'm taking a day off tomorrow because I'll be in beautiful Ancram, NY prepping for the festival of the year! It's RHINEBECK TIME! And you know what Rhinebeck is right? A giant outdoors yarn shop!! Sharpen your pencils and bring a pad! I'll be adding my own gems to the ones that folks from Ravelry have been submitting next week!

If you're so inclined, I'm partaking in a bit of blogger bingo, so if you either have me on your square or just want to say "yo" feel free! There are many photos of me on my knitting blog, PassionKNITly! Have a great weekend!!

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Deborah said...

oh that is too tacky, where are the knit police when you need them??