oops, long time, no post!

Where did that week go!? How is it that I didn't really post at all? Ah well, here are some to tide you over. All were submitted from ALittleQuacky via email:

How to follow directions
Knitter: after looking at sign It says "Come sit and Knit?" Does that mean we can sit and knit?

The biggest problem a knitter faces is getting into the LYS
Knitter: noticing yarn store Look! A yarn store!
husband/friends dragging knitter away: No it isn't!

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Two to make up for an upgrade!

Knit Socks vs. Macy's Socks
Yarnsumer: Do you have any DPNs smaller than size 5?
LYSO: Maybe. ~digs in drawer~ I have 1 1/2's, will that do?
Yarnsumer: I guess.
Propreitor: What are you knitting, socks?
LYSO: Yes, as a matter of fact.
Other Customer: You know you can get those at Macy's.
LYSO: ~nods knowingly~
Yarnsumer drops her jaw in shock.

~submitted by A. Nonny Mouse

So, sorry for not posting yesterday. I upgraded my operating system (I have a Mac) from Mac 10.3.9 to 10.5. This is obviously a huge jump, and I just got so excited and into testing out all the fun features last night that I plain forgot to post. But here's another overhearing to make up for it!

Let's admit we've all been here and move on....
Yarnsumer: Before you close I need to buy some needles
LYSO: Oh! You're here as an actual customer!

~submitted by ALittleQuacky

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Your Mom!

Knitter to KnitterFriend: It's like your mom in string form!

I'm sorry...I said this one tonight at Anthropologie's Wenlan Chia workshop. Hey, at least it's a new location right? I just thought it was too funny to not post.

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International tourist after walking around the store: "But what exactly do you sell?"

~ submitted via email by ALittleQuacky

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Sometimes you've got to wonder why no-knitters go to yarn shops

Non-Knitter to LYS Owner: What do you mean I have to knit it myself? Why can't I buy that one right there instead? It's all made and everything.

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The joy of customization

Customer (of dubious knitting ability looking at a pink scarf): This is cute, but I hate pink. What's it look like in blue?

~ Submitted via Ravelry by TheIrishEwe

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Of course, we always hide our best yarns...

Knittah - standing in front of a wall of 60-70 colors of Cascade 220 - Do you have any Cascade 220? It's the ONLY yarn I ever knit with and I've looked all over and as I can spot any of their colors from a mile away, I know you must have it hidden somewhere!

~ Submitted by TheIrishEwe via Ravelry

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Too much?

Yarnsumer: "Is this too blue?"
Knitter: I think it's really pretty."
Yarnsumer: "But is it too blue?"
Knitter: "I don't know. Do you like blue?"
Yarnsumer: "It's for my (aunt/friend/sister) and she like blue but I don't know if this is too blue."
Knitter: "Well, you most likely know them better that I do, and color is really a personal choice. If you like it, I think it's the right blue."
Yarnsumer: ....pause.... "Ok, I guess.....but is it too blue???"
~submitted by kntimetogether via Ravelry

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