The Expert and New Ravelry Group!

The Expert
Shop goer: Can somebody recommend a color for this pattern?
Fashion Institute of Technology student: looking puzzled What's the pattern? And the gauge?
Shop Goer: Funny you should ask because I think there is something not right with the pattern. It's a little girls dress with this gorgeous smocking but it calls for size 14 needles.
FIT student: Oh, children's patterns rarely call for large needles.
Shop Goer: Actually, when you think of it, you are right, maybe it is European sizing, oh, well whatever, I just like the dress I'll make it anyway, what color do you think?
FIT Student: Whoa, what a minute, what needles does it call for? We have to figure out your gauge first and the size dress you want and...
Shop Goer: Please, I really only need help with the color, I can figure out the rest.
FIT Student: Well, it can get rather complicated with stitches per inch and adjusting for size and, well, you'd have to be a math genius to do all of that.
Shop Goer: I can't say that I'm a genius but I am a PhD in Applied Mathematics, does that count?
FIT student: gulping there are some lovely colors in a superwash over here.
- Submitted by Deborah

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